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The Proton Treatment Center will be a state-of -the art facility and the first of its kind in the GCC and is being delivered by renowned international partners including, MEI, IBA and Veritas. Proton therapy is considered the most advanced form of radiation therapy that uses high-energy proton beam to irradiate tumors. For its benefits, proton therapy is used today to treat many cancers and is particularly appropriate in situations where treatment options are limited and conventional radiotherapy using photon beam presents unacceptable risks to patients. These situations include eye and brain cancers, head and neck cancers, prostate, liver, lung, breast, and pediatric cancers, as well as other tumors in close proximity to one or more critical structures Gulf International Oncology Center is offering the following services:

Radiation Therapy with Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)

Radiation Therapy with High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy implants

Chemotherapy and Hormonal treatment Cancer Diagnosis and staging utilizing       PET/CT with

Supportive Cyclotron

Counseling for cancer education and prevention “The architecture is bold and modern, reflecting state of the art services being offered at GICC”


Project Name

Proton Treatment Center


Cancer Specialist Treatment Facility


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates




Under Construction


5500 sqm


Gulf International Cancer Center